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Interested in a custom House Portrait ?

Still have a few questions?  Visit the FAQ section for more info!

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“I wanted to thank you again for your beautiful work, we absolutely love the house portrait and are so excited to give it to our dad for father’s day! You are not only very talented but also very client friendly :-)

We will definitely recommend you to friends !”


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you draw the house portraits?
    Everything is done from the distance and digitally. You provide photos of the facade in question and I draw them with an Apple pencil on an iPad. This means I don’t need to come and see your house in real life. My work is “vectorised”, which means you can enlarge the files as much as you’d like while keeping the quality. Whether you’d like to print a small card or a large poster, you can rely on the same drawing and this does not impact the price of the artwork.
  • Do you draw houses from elsewhere than Brussels?
    Yes, absolutely and with great pleasure! Any beautiful, historic building will make my heart beat faster, no matter it’s location.
  • How long does it take to complete a house portrait?
    I am usually booked for about two months ahead, so it’s useful to contact me well in advance of your desired delivery time. Usually, the end of the year is the busiest time and the summer the most quiet. In any case, drop me an email and I'll see what I can do. The time required for a house portrait depends of course on the complexity and the size of the facade. A standard “maison de maitre” of Brussels takes about 2 - 2.5 working days.
  • What are the photo requirements for a house portrait?
    Facade The entire facade (including a bit of the street and the top of the roof) has to be visible The photo should be taken from right in front of the house, not from a side angle The photo should be taken from far enough so that there is not a strong distortion because of the perspective The best way to take the perfect photo is to align your phone’s screen with the two sides of the facade. If those lines are parallel, you have the right angle and distance. Details Please make sure that any significant / important detail that you’d like to be included is visible on your photos. Ideally, send additional, close-up photos of each of these unique details (sgraffit, balcony railing, special glass above the entrance door etc) If you indeed have a beautiful glass mosaic above your entrance door, do send a photo of it from the inside as well, so the colours are more visible and Johanna can see precisely how it looks Chimneys, rain pipes and other “technical details” are not in my drawings to make the houses prettier / cosier (however, they can be added if you’d like) If there is anything in front of the house that you’d like to include in the drawing, please signal it and be very specific about it (this includes plants as well)
  • How can I pay for a house portrait?
    Once we’ve agreed on the final version of your house portrait, you’ll be invoiced by email with all the relevant details. You can pay by bank transfer or in the Revolut app. As soon as you provide proof of payment, you'll have access to the high resolution files and I will launch the printing process on your behalf.
  • Can I use the house portrait for commercial purposes?
    Yes. I offer packages for individuals as well as for companies / organisations. If you’d like a drawing as part of your corporate identity or for any other commercial purpose, please signal it in the order form above and I’ll let you know about the conditions. Please note that standard offers for individuals do not include the copyright of the image. You can only use the house portrait for your private, non-commercial purposes. If you’d like, however, you can of course purchase the copyright of the image for an additional fee.
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